Sunday, July 20, 2008


Speaker after speaker testify about the need to ratify the Employee Free Choice Act. It's no joke, even for those of us working in the entertainment industry to threat is real. As our jobs continued to be exported, as employers continue to clamp down on those of us in union jobs It is no wonder why people are pusing for the Employee Free Choice Act. as their profits an productivity zoom at the cost of those who do the work, it is easier and easier to see our situation move toward the blue collar jobs of our fathers and mothers. They organized and defended their unions maing it possible for many of us to enter the middle class.

The middle class is being pushed to the curb with rising costs, falling retirement funds, foreclosures , myopic managers and quick buck artists at every turn. We have endured eight years of relentless attacks on the middle class that was created on the shoulders of organized labor. listen to the stories of workers in blue collar, white collar and no collar jobs. If you close your eyes you can see yourself, unionized and holding on unorganized and with out hope. Perhaps you bought into the "dog eat dog" mentality but what will happen when you become the underdog. Preserve your right to organize. Support the EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT!

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