Wednesday, September 24, 2008


What follows is Senator Barack Obama's response to Senator McCain's request to suspend the debate this Friday, September 26, 2008. Partisanship aside this video draws a sharp contrast in the two men's styles. It also gives some insight into Senator Obama's view of the economic crisis and his solutions to fixing it.

See the FactCheck.Org article KEEPING QUIET refuting the claims that Obama had been silent on the economic crisis to this point. It puts the events of this week in bold relief.


Back in the day, before the mega mergers, before computers spilled OED size dumps onto our desks everyday -- there was not as much need for multitasking. Most of us have had to learn how to do it, because the pace of modern society requires it. It takes study and practice to learn how to prioritize and attack several problems at the same time. Unfortunately, John McCain skipped that class and majored instead in delegation surrounding himself with experts (read that lobbyists).

Faced with a tight presidential race, two parallel wars, lagging campaign numbers and an economic crisis that is just chewing up the economy.... John McCain in an attempt to appear presidential decided to suspend his campaign and skip Friday's debate so he could focus on the economy. Which proves once again that what you can't do says as much about you as what you can. It is like McCain has to get back on track and now focus on the economy and his main job his senate career . But dig this according to the Huffington Post, "John McCain has skipped more votes during this session than any member of the Senate except for Tim Johnson, who had major brain surgery. He hasn't cast a single vote in five months, since April 9. All of a sudden, McCain is demanding that the presidential race shut down so he can return to Washington?"

From all of those people who go to work everyday who are immediately greeted with a changing menu of tasks: Get a grip John this is the information age multitasking is required, we do it and we expect noting less from our president.

Thanks to dj for the video link

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