Monday, October 20, 2008


Jon Fromer is an award-winning singer/songwriter whose music is a special blend of folk, blues and country that has been at the center of movements for peace and social change in the San Francisco Bay Area for decades. Jon is known for his rich soulful voice, rhythmic guitar style, and poetic lyrics that capture the human condition.

I have known Jon for years. He is one of those people who is quiet and self deprecating, until he straps on his Martin and starts to sing. We have played together at several union events. He is like a juke box of union songs, civil rights tunes and traditional music. Then he plays his own music--some of it very personal and touching, some of it designed to lift us above our everyday concerns, and some of it meant to cut through a bar crowd and ROCK THE HOUSE. One of his well known hits is WE DO THE WORK! Jon is a life long activist who learned his trade on the march from Selma to Montgomery; on countless picket lines; and in clubs from coast to coast. For me he is a role model-- one who uses his God given gifts in the service of humanity.

On his web site you can sample some of his musical fare:

To get your copy of his new album check him out at CDBABY

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