Friday, August 1, 2008

Impact of Budget Delay on Paychecks . New California Web Site

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08/01/2008 - Sacramento, CA
In an effort to explain the the impact of his recent move to cut California State Employee minimum wages and to lay off temporary workers to meet budget shortfalls governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted a new web site: DPA Impact of Budget Delay on Paychecks

From the site:
"July 31, 2008 - The Governor today issued an Executive Order terminating the services of many temporary state employees. The Order also directs DPA and the Department of Finance to work with the State Controller to comply with a California Supreme Court ruling to pay minimum wage to certain state employees in the absence of a budget.

Does this Executive Order affect me?

"Your Personnel Office will issue you a notice terminating your services if you are one of the temporary employees affected by this Order. You should talk with your personnel office if you have questions about your employment status.

"Regarding minimum wage payments, employees who are covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act would be subject to the minimum wage requirements of the Supreme Court's ruling. We will provide more updates on this page at a later date.

"Please be assured that these actions in no way reflect your value to the State and the importance of the work you do. We greatly appreciate your public service and sincerely regret that budget circumstances and legal requirements compel us to take these steps"

... That last paragraph sounds a little disingenuous to me, but I guess I have picked up a little of the cynicism of the day.

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