Thursday, January 19, 2012


The new movie, RED TAILS,  about the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, premieres this weekend. Executive Producer, George Lucas, has put his heart, soul and lots of his own money into bringing this important story to the screen. As an independent filmmaker working on the fringes of Hollywood, Lucas has brought us a variety of films. Time and again, he has proven himself as a master craftsmen with a unique artistic voice that is truly American. His characters are distinctly drawn. In the case of RED TAILS, he depicts black men inhabiting a world of pre-Civil Rights victories, distinguishing themselves in the major battle of their time--World War II.

Director Anthony Hemingway brings a cool hand and a brilliant understanding of the dynamics between black men. He portrays black men with a range of emotions. He elicited strong performances from the actors with deft confidence and assurance.  His impressive handeling of the of the fight sequences in conjunction with the gnomes at Industrial Light & Magic was outstanding. The realistic battle clips in which the Red Tails showed off their aerial acrobatic skills caused one woman  in the audience where we screened the film to say: "I almost tore a hole in my hand during the combat, I was so nervous."

Major General Lucius, Ret


Chapel at Tuskegee University   
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  1. The movie Red Tails was GREAT. It's a movie that you'll feel really good or maybe even bad about after going to see, but you will remember it, because it is significant to the understanding of the trials and tribulations that people have gone through in order to prove thair worthiness to our country.

    The movie still presently in today's world, directly illustrates how racism is still present just as it was in the 40's. The only difference is that now it is hidden, for example; in the actions of those who are in Hollywood. By not financially backing this patriotic work of art, and by the critics who gave the movie poor ratings even though the movie is a Blockbuster hit at the movie box office, while giving sky high scores to frivolous movies that are forgotten the moment people walk out of the movie theater. Ah yes, we still have a hill to climb.

    I've seen the movie several times now, and I loved it. It was exciting, historic, enlightening and best of all, memorable. I'll definately buy the DVD when it comes out as well.

    I'm really excited about it because I don't believe that Hollywood wants people to see positive Black character roles succeed in movies. They have shoved terribly demeaning scripts down our throats and into our eyes for so long that they can't see that these roles are out dated, and down right insulting in this more modern, freer world.

    If you want to see a movie that you'll talk about for a long time to come, go see Red Tails.

  2. I saw the film this weekend and thought is was very enjoyable. Although the dialogue was a bit stilted, which seems to be typical of most Lucas films, the action and cinematography was incredible. But most importantly it is a story that has finally been told in the way that it needed to be told.



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