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Using a classic style the poster above, is a reminder of all of the benefits that the labor movement has brought us. Through our sacrifices and struggles working folks have created a better world for everyone. It is easy to forget the child miners at the turn of the last century. It is so simple to forget a time when grown men and women risked life and limb every time they entered their factory, sweatshop, or mine. It is sad to remember that many of these things continue to this day -- with a billion dollar industry designed to take back what we have won.
Sometimes it is only through art that we can convey the essence of powerful ideas. Art can cut through the fast talk and.. slick mental gymnastics. Art can cut through the details that often hide the facts. Though they have their place -- all of the speeches, white papers and emails sometimes pale in comparison to the directness of the artist. Through art we can rip through the meaningless clutter that surrounds us in talk radio and talking head media. We are caught in an invisible web, tracked and then catered to. Our desires form patterns, they scream from the world wide shopping mall. 
But the artist who can create a catchy song, a powerful photograph, a well designed poster these works can grip and inspire us all to do things thought impossible. Art can focus our thinking like no other human activity. It can help us cut through to the core of our beliefs. Will the Circle be Unbroken, Which Side Are You On Keep  Your Eyes On Prize? Unlike the web that traps you in isolation, these works pull you in and ask you to come and be with your brothers and sisters making this a more just world.

An inspired artist has handed us a memory tool of where we have been and where we have to go. The quote by Frederick Douglass the famous abolitionist, ties it all together, "Power Conceedes Nothing Without a Demand." This beautiful poster belongs in your break room on the job, or in a well trafficked place in your home.
It is distributed by RLM ARTS As they say:
"The social gains of humanity did not invent themselves and will not defend themselves. Only organized people can do that."

Full range of bright colors. Laser print.
Item Number: 513
Artist: Ricardo Levins Morales
Size: 17 X 22
Price:$ 18.95

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