Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Our retirement is at stake -- if we don't pay attention our jobs and our economy will lay prostrate on the alter of greed. The names of Lehman Brothers & AIG once proud bastions of Wall Street have followed Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Mae into the abyss of financial under regulation. When the smoke clears everything we have worked so hard for may lay in the dust of the marble hallways. We are so attracted to reality TV and the clash of padded jerseys we are letting our life's work be ripped from our fingers. Put down the remote and repeat after me this is not just a movie... it is our life!

Harry Reid picks up the gauntlet and holds a bright light to Senator McCain lack of economic acumen. "For whom are the fundamentals of our economy strong? Not for the 606,000 Americans who have lost their jobs this year alone. Not for the commuters and truckers who are sending more and more of their hard-earned dollars to pay for fuel. Not for all those struggling to make one pay check last until the next, with record hme heating prices looming in the coming winter months. Not for cities and towns that have been forced to cut back on police, schools and firefighters because their tax base is shrinking. And certainly not for the millions of families who have or may soon lose their homes, or for the tens of millions who are seeing their home equity plummet."

Listening to this may enlighten or enliven you -- the smoke screen is lifting and the central theme of this contest is emerging.

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