Monday, June 18, 2012


This week in the "NationLaura Flanders  wrote a story about, Caring Across Generations. This coalition works with home care workers and those they serve to meet the needs of the burgeoning elderly population in the US.

"The economic impact of the baby boomers cannot be ignored. In the United States alone, over 50% of the discretionary spending power rests with the baby boomers and they are responsible for over half of all consumer spending. In the area of health care, baby boomers buy 61% of over the counter medications and an astonishing 77% of all prescription drugs."

"In a few respects, boomers turning 65 have age-related concerns similar to their parents when they were 65. Like their parents, they want to age in place, and have found that aging often presents chronic health conditions and financial responsibilities that influence how they will live the last third of life. But in one very important respect, boomers turning 65 are different from their parents — the baby boom generation has redefined what retirement means. When their parents entered retirement, it was considered a time that might feature travel, relaxation and enjoyment but little work outside of an avocation. Boomers overall and many of those turning 65 consider work to be part of retirement, and a significant percentage say that they never will consider themselves retired"
Source: AARP

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