Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dr. Walsh I Presume?

I am a writer. I now have three novels about spirituality, love and desire, in the Tantra in the West series:

Sister Clare's Lover is about Matthew Shalgry and his friends. He is a Catholic priest who is asked to investigate tantric practices in San Francisco convents. He finds the practitioner-nuns. They trust him, and send him for initiation to a teacher of Buddhism, Bön and energy work. He falls very deeply in love with Sagesse Anandasagara at a mountain/coastal retreat. She is married, he is a priest. What shall they do?

Illuminating Four Cities follows Fr. Shalgry as he seeks the origins of his love for Sagesse Anandasagara. In visions 'in the four watches of the night' he finds how they have known each other in other possibilities. There is a China with airships, an India with a girl who communicates with f
orests, a French-speaking San Francisco, and a humane "thawed" USSR (with talking animals who have rights) in which he translates an ancient story with his love. In each they meet stormily, difficultly, deeply...

Philanthropic Horse is Haunted by Gravity came to me first as just its odd title. It became the story of a young Swabian/Bavarian horse who accepts a lama's invitation 'to help.' He climbs the clouds above Schwabenland carrying the dead to rebirth. When his partner the mare Bone dies, he ascends further to find the light and bring it down into this heavy heavy world.

All three are available in print at lulu.com, which has printers in the US, the EU, Australia and Canada.


They are available as Kindle ebooks at amazon.com,


and in every ebook format (including for Apple ipads and iphones) at smashwords.com.


I hope you enjoy them!

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