Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Encore: How Do Conservatives and Liberals See the World? | Moyers & Company |

Journalist Bill Moyers has an inquisitive mind. He uses his rich history at the turning points of  the last 60 years to enable us to see subtlety through the fog and nuance.  He has also been a force of reason on PBS bringing a balance to the dialog of the day. He is unabashedly liberal but welcomes all comers to the table for rational discussion. He has not lost the cadence or flow of his southern roots his voice to me is a balm. Even when he is angry he maintains a focused stride to his point. Here he asks us to retreat from the bar fight to the bar-b-que. Measured words are more easily heard over the conviviality of food than the ever increasing intensity of inebriation. To that end this the first post of Decision List for 2014, we want to do the same. Get away from the partisan past and move toward a more inclusive future. Our masthead remains the same just remember the part about positive change.

The only way a candle flame can survive is to light others. Get Ready!

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